Ford 2020 Super Duty Tremor Off-Road Package

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If you’re clearing a space in the garage for a new 2020 Ford F-Series Super Duty truck, now’s the time to decide whether you want a package upgrade. Ford just unveiled the offered package that will debut along with the new 2020 Super Duty trucks: Tremor. It’s a package designed to get you very off road — as in climbing rocks and fording 30-inches of water —  so it’s not just an upgrade that slaps a few stickers on the tailgate and calls it a day.

For tires, Ford’s going big. The Goodyear Wrangler Duratracs are 35 inches huge, the largest diameter available on a heavy duty pick up. Paired with the two-inch lift kit,Tremor trucks will have a 10.8 inch ground clearance and be able to handle water crossings 33 inches deep.

While the new Super Duty trucks will come with five selectable drive modes like towing, eco, and deep snow, Tremor trucks will get an extra rock crawl mode for low gear four wheel driving. Other perks include retractable running boards, skid plates, bigger shocks, and matte black wheels. No word on how much the Tremor package will cost, but so far it’s looking like a pretty nice option.

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