Founders Brewing 2019 KBS

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Black Friday Sales

Although there are a heck of a lot more breweries in Grand Rapids now than when Founders opened its doors and poured the first of its legendary beers, there are certain releases from the West Michigan flagship that still bring the heat (and the hops). Among a certain (large) group of beer aficionados, the Founders KBS reigns supreme — and the Founders Brewing 2019 KBS iteration is certainly no different.

Available for a limited time only, it’s a coveted beer that brings out fans in droves. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s cave-aged in oak bourbon barrels. Maybe it’s the knock-your-socks-off 12.2 percent ABV. Maybe it’s the fact that it’s just a great beer, whether you age it in your beer cellar or pop a bottle right after you purchase some.

It’s an event that a select lucky few in Grand Rapids and Detroit can experience firsthand — and if you’re outside the Mitten, you’ll just have to keep a weather eye out for this remarkable beer. – Learn More

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Black Friday Sales