Founders Frootwood Beer

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From humble beginnings to an operation that seemingly continues to expand all the time, Founders Brewing has become a Michigan titan and a beloved hometown favorite in equal measure. It’s worth a trip to their bustling operation in Grand Rapids any time you visit Beer City, U.S.A., and beers like the Founders Frootwood are precisely part of the reason why.

The brewery takes a flavorful, crisp cherry ale and ages it in oak barrels. That’s neat enough as it is, but when one considers the fact that those barrels were once used to make maple syrup and bourbon, you get a better idea of the amazing flavor of the Founders Frootwood.

At eight percent ABV, it packs a nice, boozy punch with distinctive taste — that’s exactly what you want in a beer that’s made for chilly weather right? And it’s worth a stop when you’re in Michigan next. Now, who’s buying this round? Learn more at Founders Brewing.

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