Founders Green Zebra Ale

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Some things don’t deserve a comeback. Like Crystal Pepsi. Or the soul patch. But some stuff we’d quite enjoy another go at. In this case we’re talking about an old German beer style called gose. It’s an unfiltered wheat brew that uses about half malted wheat. The result is crisp and cloudy with low bitterness. The addition of a little salt lends a soft, dry finish. And thanks to Founders Brewing Co. you too can get a taste of this throwback ale.

Their particular take on gose includes watermelon, giving an already refreshing ale a subtle sour-sweetness. Only around for a little while, Green Zebra is this year’s offering from Founders that benefits ArtPrize, an open-to-everyone art competition held each fall in Grand Rapids, Michigan. You don’t have to be an artist, or even a Michigander to enjoy this blast from the past. You can even drink it if you still sport a soul patch. We give you permission. Learn more at Founders Brewing Co.

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