Four Point Mars Puzzle

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Engage your mind the same way our forefathers did, offscreen, with this Four Point Mars Puzzle. The image of our red-hued east-rising neighbor comes courtesy of NASA themselves, and is depicted in absolutely stunning clarity. From the large canyon system to the giant shield volcanoes, every crimson detail comes together exquisitely via 1000 unique pieces. 

It may be a fun and intriguing activity, but this isn’t a five-minute jigsaw, people. So grab your buds or wife or kids, some beers, and your favorite playlist, and improve your visual spatial reasoning together. When you’re done, you can find a frame to display your glory. Or, if you want to beat your initial finishing time, you can pretend you’re Galactus and disassemble the red planet in preparation for round two (he’s the guy in Marvel stories who destroys planets).

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