Four Point Moon Puzzle

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It’s large, circular, monochromatic, and no two pieces are the same. In short, this is not a beginner’s puzzle. But for anyone who’s been around the jigsaw block a time or two, this Moon Puzzle has all the challenge you want, plus an impressive image when you’re finished. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of humankind’s first steps on the moon, the puzzle uses an image from NASA that just happens to be the clearest image to date of Earth’s favorite satellite. 

The puzzle is a thousand pieces and measures over two feet across. It’s made by Canadian puzzle company Four Point Puzzles and the Moon Puzzle is their first design. Their goal is a long list of high-design, sturdy puzzles and judging from their first offering, Four Point Puzzles is going to be a company to watch for anyone who’s discovered the mind-clearing zen that is putting together a puzzle.

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