Fourlaps Short Sleeve Level Tee

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To Fourlaps, every day presents an opportunity to, quite literally, level up your performance and your workout — plus your workout gear, most importantly. The Level Tee, although seemingly basic from the outside looking in, is anything but. In short, if you want to upgrade your workout tee, Fourlaps and the Short-Sleeve Level Tee presents a mighty fine first starter option (although we’re sure you won’t want to buy just one).

Complete with raglan sleeve stitching, an athletic fit (crucial for the gym) and super-soft fabric featuring the ability to regulate your temperature and wick away sweat, the Level Tee has the chance to be the best workout tee you’ve ever tried. Even better? It’s actually stylish enough to wear on its own to, say, a hot spring or summer music festival. And while we’d primarily use the Level Tee for its workout potential, we think the ability to have a performance shirt that does more than one thing well is pretty critical these days.

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