Frank Sinatra Has a Cold

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In 1966 Frank Sinatra did not want to be interviewed for a profile in Esquire magazine. Fifty years old and contending with a major shift in the musical landscape, the legendary crooner walled himself behind his entourage when journalist Gay Talese came calling and never granted a one-on-one. 

Instead Talese observed his subject, interviewed those connected to Frank who were willing to talk, and dove into the singer’s personal history. What resulted was “Frank Sinatra Has a Cold,” an article that stands as a masterful example of creative nonfiction. It’s been studied and heralded ever since. Even Esquire’s most recent profile of Owen Wilson pays homage to the piece.

Now TASCHEN has republished and expanded on the article, with Frank Sinatra Has a Cold which includes images from someone who did have access to Ol’ Blue Eyes (photographer Phil Stern) as well as an introduction and notes from Talese. Like everything TASCHEN does, the volume is lushly designed and includes 250 full color pages that clock in at just over four pounds. Your coffee table is sure to get a kick out of it.

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