French Toast Double Brown Ale

French Toast Double Brown Ale

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Fall calls for a transition to bigger, badder, richer beers — and there are certain places you should turn to get your next batch. As the leaves start to fall and the weather turns crisp (slowly but surely, it’s coming!), you very well might want to pop open a bottle of the French Toast Double Brown Ale from Funky Buddha, infused with rich, fall-friendly flavors like maple syrup and vanilla.

Yes indeed, it’s time to shelve those light lagers and session brews for something with more punch — and at 8.8 percent ABV, Funky Buddha has you covered with this unique batch. The brewery says you should pair it with fall favorites like roast beef or grilled flank steak, and it’s tough for us to argue with that. Who’s thirsty? Learn more at Funky Buddha Brewery.


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