French’s Mustard Beer

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In case you missed it, National Mustard Day was just upon us. The first Saturday of August is reserved for the celebration of the yellowest of all condiments, and the biggest purveyor of the stuff (by far) is French’s. So yes, you can squeeze it on your hot dog or spread it on your burger. But now, thanks to Oskar Blues, you can drink it in your beer. And no, you probably won’t achieve the same effect at home by upending a bottle of French’s over your hefeweizen. These are professionals after all. (Though they do offer a home-brew mustard beer recipe if you’re interested.)

At its base, French’s Mustard Beer is a wheat beer with big jug-fulls of French’s Yellow Mustard added in after fermentation. Bittering hops in the boil and purees of citrus and passion fruits during fermentation balance out the spice of the mustard with tart and juicy flavors. The color is golden yellow and the ABV is a not-too-steep 5.2%. The only way to tell if this is a crazy experiment or your new favorite beer is to try it for yourself. We recommend doing so with a grill and burger nearby.   

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