Front Runner Wolf Pack Cargo Box

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Those storage totes you got from Walmart are perfect. For storing wrapping paper and Christmas tree decorations. In a closet. In your house. To be accessed once yearly. For organizing gear, food, and supplies for camping or road tripping, those totes won’t cut it. Come on, they’re called “totes.” What you want is a cargo box. Preferably one that stacks tight, has a snap-on lid that clips closed, and can withstand the weight of a large man dancing atop it.

South African-born Front Runner is the maker of roof racks, camp chairs, roof tents, and other stuff that turns your vehicle into home base on any road or off it. Their Wolf Pack Cargo Boxes are made from high-density polyethylene, they resist water, nest one on top of the other, and are nearly uncrushable. They also work with a whole range of Wolf Pack accessories and Front Runner racks and drawers. No totes here. – $40

Front Runner Wolf Pack Cargo Box

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