Fuel Motorcycles The Green Wasp OSSA Mototcycle

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If you haven’t heard of OSSA Motorcycles, chances are you are not alone. From 1924 to 1982, OSSA was making reliable yet simple motorcycles. Their true claim to fame was manufacturing lightweight, two-stroke off-road bikes. 

In the 70s, the OSSA Pioneer 250 enjoyed success as a winning bike while gaining popularity as a consumer choice. From the USA to Europe, the ferocious two-stroke Pioneer 250 left a trail of fans in the dust. 

With a keen eye for vintage style and a passion for bikes, Fuel Motorcycles sparks the custom scene with their wanderlust approach. The spirit of Fuel’s motto, Leave The Main Road, is the inspiration behind their dedication. Their appreciation for the old-school motorcycle glory days only adds Fuel to the fire.

Fuel Motorcycles The Green Wasp OSSA Mototcycle

Since Fuel Motorcycles began in Barcelona and OSSA was a Spanish manufacturer, finding a donor bike for The Green Wasp proved to be a local task. Fuel Motorcycles began with a 1971 OSSA Pioneer 250. They set a goal of making a competitive, yet stylish bike.

“Our inspiration was the old Triumph dirt trackers of the 1970s. The main idea was to make a motorcycle as simple as possible, with only the essentials needed to run,” says Karles Vives of the Fuel workshop.

Once ready to emerge from its nest, The Green Wasp featured a Triumph Trackmaster fiberglass fuel tank, retro-style single seat and metal rear fender. Rear subframe modifications give The Green Wasp more of a ‘semi-stock’ appearance along with a tighter fit.

The 19-inch front and rear wheels provide a confident and aggressive stance. A YSS rear shock  with hub and brake assemblies from a Beta 80 help keep The Green Wasp’s stinger at bay. Front twin 41mm forks from a Kawasaki lead the way, ready to buzz past anything in its path.

For the finishing touch, The Green Wasp features vibrant green chili metal flake paint by the Bip Bip Boys. Fuel Motorcycles even took The Green Wasp all the way to the Finals at the ‘El Rollo’ flat track event at the French ‘Wheels and Waves’ festival. This bike performs on the track while looking sharp for the trophy finish.

For off-road riders who celebrate all things vintage, the Fuel Green Wasp nails it. Fuel Motorcycles offers a vast array of vintage styled riding gear and apparel. Stray from the beaten path to explore the world with Fuel Motorcycles.

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