Garmin D2 Delta PX Aviator Watch

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Even when you buy the really premium, super plush toilet paper, you’re still just shelling out a few more bucks than the store-brand stuff. But when it comes to watches, you can easily multiply the price of a standard Casio by a factor of fifty and still not hit the top of the market. Question is, does a watch at the twelve hundred dollar mark deserve that price tag? Here’s one that just might.

Coming from Garmin, makers of GPS navigation devices and wearable tech, the D2 Delta PX Aviator Watch is serious about that “aviator” part and does just about everything except fly the plane. It’ll track your blood oxygen saturation levels — and will alert you if you’ve flown so high that supplemental oxygen is required. The GPS features includes a worldwide airport database and lets you view your flight path on the watch’s full-color moving map. A push of a button will help you find the nearest airport should a landing need to take place ASAP.

Outside the cockpit, the D2 Delta PX will help you train better with heart rate monitoring, fitness tracking, and activity profiles. Notifications keep you synced up with your phone and Garmin Pay will let you pay with your wrist. You can load five hundred songs onto the watch and connect with Bluetooth headsets. Pre-loading the songs means no need to have your phone nearby to listen while you workout.

All that, plus a few more bells (easy-change straps) and whistles (radar weather maps) make this one watch that’s working hard to earn those extra dollar bills. – Shop Now

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