Garmin Drive 53 GPS Navigator

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So, you already have your smartphone. It’s filled with maps, and you can use it to get around just about anywhere you need. That makes sense—so why would you need a separate GPS for your car?

The trick is, alongside these important navigation functions, your smartphone has about 170,000 distractions that you really don’t need to be paying attention to while you’re driving. And if your eyesight or hearing is anything less than stellar, following directions on a phone screen can be a major pain.

That’s why you need one of Garmin’s Drive 53 navigation systems. A choice of 5, 6, 7, or 8-inch touchscreen display is just the right size for whatever vehicle you happen to drive, neither too big nor too small; it comes preloaded with maps that will make navigating your next road trip a breeze; and its signature Garmin Real Directions gives you truly intelligible directions (i.e., not “in one thousand and twelve feet”, but “at the next intersection…”).

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