Garmin Enduro Solar GPS Watch

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Right now, solar technology has gotten to the point where windows on a given building can act as solar collectors to power that building. That’s very cool, but it’s not quite to the level of mass production. While we wait, we can enjoy a miniaturized version of the glass-powered phenomenon in the Enduro Solar GPS Watch. Using its solar lens, the Enduro dramatically extends its own battery life.  

Some smartwatches do best with a nightly plug-in. Some need to connect to the grid every couple days. Not Garmin’s new tech. Thanks to the charging lens, you can get up to 80 hours of life when using GPS and up to 300 hours in smartwatch mode. 

Naturally, that max life is easiest to achieve when you’re exposing your wrist to the sun. But getting you running around outside is what this watch is all about. For trail runners, the max oxygen uptake measurements can be adjusted to the terrain you’re running to give you a more accurate performance read, while activity and rest timers offer a complete view into each run.  

Mountain biking metrics, backcountry skiing support, and surf-ready features add more sport-specific functionality. And no matter what gets you moving, heart rate monitoring, pulse OX sensors, respiration tracking, and energy-reserve estimates offer a slew of data about your overall performance 

All the expected smartwatch features are here too — Garmin pay, notifications from your smartphone, plus apps and widgets from Garmin’s Connect IQ store.  With the latest in comprehensive health and activity monitoring, and the ability to charge itself, Garmin’s Enduro Solar is primed to be your most valued outdoor companion, right next to your water bottle.

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