Gateway Bronco Restomod Fuelie

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The Ford Bronco is already an iconic classic. Gateway Bronco knows that and has been tastefully restoring the Ford Bronco for years. The Gateway Bronco Restomod Fuelie offers drivers a fully restored Ford Bronco, with many innovative improvements. 

Including the bare metal repaint, everything on this Gateway Bronco is 100% new or restored. This custom built Bronco won’t drive or look like most Ford Broncos on the road thanks to Gateway’s modern modifications. 

The Gateway Bronco Restomod Fuelie is powered by a 347 Stroker engine with Electronic Fuel Injection. A 4-speed automatic transmission shifts the Bronco Restomod Fuelie smoothly. Wilwood 4-Wheel Disc brakes provide more stopping power to go with the added power. HydroBoost Power Assist provides additional brake assistance for the Bronco.

Gateway Bronco Restomod Fuelie

For their Restomod Fuelie restoration, Gateway uses a 1969 Ford Bronco frame to build upon. This ensures an authentic Ford VIN and frame for each build. Gateway offers an optional Genuine Porsche Leather Interior to help make the Bronco Restomod Fuelie more comfortable. 

A Barn Wood truck bed is available to help add to the vintage feel of the Bronco. Gateway offers many additional customizable options for buyers looking to add a special touch to their custom built Bronco Restomod Fuelie. 

Gateway even includes a 2-year Bumper to Bumper warranty with your purchase. Visit the Gateway Bronco website to start building the foundation for your custom built Ford Bronco Restomod Fuelie today.


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