Gatorade Gx Sweat Patch

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Last time you ran (biked, hiked, trained) how much sodium did you lose? Don’t know? Gatorade can help with that. The Gx Sweat Patches stick to your forearm like the wearable sensors that they are, gathering data to be scanned into your smartphone (with the Gx workout app). Slap one on before you get sweaty and at the end, you’ll know how much fluid you lost, at what rate, and how much water (or, better, Gatorade) you need to drink in order to replenish.  

The end goal here is to perfect your “hydration strategy” by knowing how your body loses fluids in response to different levels of activity and conditions. You only need to wear the patch once during a typical exercise to capture the info you need. Pair the patch up with your favorite GPS heart- and O2-tracking smartwatch, and you’ll have all the info you need to edge your average human body closer to becoming a high-performing, data-driven machine.

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