Genovation GXE Electric Corvette

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How do you test the top speed of a car that can go 200+ miles an hour? A space shuttle runway is a nice option. NASA’s landing strip at the Kennedy Space Center is where Genovation’s all electric Corvette conversion hit 205.6 mph (with enough strip left over to slow back down).

After setting the record for fastest street-legal electric car, Genovation used what they learned to up the speed of their GXE Electric Corvette even more. The company is now confident all 75 examples of the GXE — shipping to customers in 2019 — will be able to top 220 miles an hour.

Taking a “standard” Corvette Z06, Genovation scoops out the V8 and replaces it with two all-electric motors set up on a single shaft — making the supercar capable of an 800 horsepower max output. Then they add inverters and their own custom designed battery pack which will supply a range of 130 miles (under normal driving conditions — not when you’re trying to break land speed records). They’re currently taking orders. So maybe start looking now for a suitable strip of road for setting your own top speed.

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