George Dickel Tabasco Whiskey

George Dickel Tabasco Whisky


Tabasco makes everything taste better. Whiskey makes everything taste better. What happens if you put the two together? Dickel is ready for you to find out. Starting with their George Dickel Whisky (Dickel being the rare Southern brand that prefers the Scotch way of spelling of whisky without the ‘e’), the spirit is aged for 30 days in barrels that once contained the spicy pepper mash used to make Tabasco. Taking it one step beyond, the Louisiana pepper sauce is then distilled into a Tabasco essence that’s blended with the Tabasco-barreled Dickel for a shot that delivers a smooth kick to the jaw.

Tasting notes for many whiskies claim a “peppery finish,” this one delivers those notes in a fairly literal fashion. Get a bottle of Hot Dickel, salt your rim, pour a shot, and have a pickleback on standby. Learn more at George Dickel.


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