Georgia Moon Unaged Whiskey

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Many men prefer the smooth, aromatic taste of barrel-aged whiskey, which explains the relative popularity of any Jack Daniels-infused libation. Then there are the other guys, who prefer something as rough around the edges as they are such as Georgia Moon Unaged Whiskey ($45). This moonshine is hardly matured at all when packaged, less than 30 days to be exact, giving it more “bite” for your buck. Despite its name, Georgia Moon Moonshine is ironically bottled in Bardstown, Kentucky by Johnson Distilling Company and is available in peach, lemonade, and regular corn-mash.
Don’t be fooled though. Unlike your typical 180-proof homemade shine found in the real backwoods of Georgia, Georgia Moon is only a 40% alcohol mixture. To find the real stuff, you’ll need crafty friends down south who are well-versed in the art of fermentation.

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