Gerber Bushcraft Hatchet

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Every man heading out into the wilderness should be equipped with a trusty folding knife. But for jobs larger than cutting twine and opening wrappers, you’ll also need something more heavy duty.

Enter Gerber’s Bushcraft Hatchet. Designed as an all-purpose tool for the discerning outdoorsman, it services two essential survivalist functions: Starting fires, and building shelters.

A forged single piece axe head and overstrike guard is paired with a hammerhead back end for all your chopping and stake posting needs, while the rubber overmold grip provides a solid anti-slip handle. Inside the hatchet’s body though, there’s a waterproof compartment that’s perfect for storing dried tinder and/or a miniature lighter.

If you’re looking for one tool to take into the backwoods with you, you could do much worse than to pack Gerber’s Bushcraft Hatchet.

Price: $70

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