Gerber Center-Drive Plus

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There’s never a bad time to look into upgrading your everyday carry essentials — especially these days, when you likely have more time on your hands at home (and a greater need to take on home improvement projects). For your workshop and time on the trail or at your cabin this summer, get an everyday carry essential like the Gerber Center-Drive Plus — it’s truly remarkable how much Gerber has managed to pack into this compact EDC.

Upgraded to help you maintain your gear arsenal and now featuring added details like a premium leather carrying sheath, the Center-Drive Plus features touches like needle-nose pliers, wire cutters and strippers, a serrated blade, a pry bar and bottle opener, plus a magnetic flathead and spring-loaded scissors. It’s a remarkable innovation from a brand that makes the best EDC gear on the planet, so we’re of the opinion that you need to pick up this small-but-mighty multi-tool as soon as possible.

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