Gerber ComplEAT Tool

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Leave it to Gerber to make a seriously innovative example of a multi-tool. This one is for eating while camping and it’s called the ComplEAT. A long tined fork and deep bowled spoon cover the two eating basics, but then they throw in a spatula with a serrated and silicone edge that pairs up with either the spoon or fork to make a pair of functional tongs.

All of that would be enough to get our vote for utensil of the year, but then they throw in an additional multi tool. A simple, unibody design, the tool is a veggie peeler, can opener, and bottle opener in one. All the pieces nest together in a rather portable package and weigh in at just 2.3 ounces. All told, the ComplEAT packs just about everything you need to make yourself a backwoods feast. The only thing it doesn’t have is a knife. Because this is Gerber and they know you already have a very good one of those, right? – Shop Now

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