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The guys over at Go Fast Campers asked themselves a question: How light can a rooftop tent get? Their answer: Superlite. With room for two adults (and a dog), you get a little over four feet of width and seven and a half feet of length for sleeping. Yet this hard-top tent weighs just 80 pounds and stands just six inches tall when closed. Probably its biggest selling point is the ease of attachment and removal. With a quick-connect system, one person can install the Superlite in about three minutes. That means when you’re not planning on camping out, you can take the tent off and return your vehicle rack to its fully functioning state. 

Set-up and take-down is easy too, with zippered closure and easy-deploy corner stays. Once set up, windows on three sides let you take in the view while mesh keeps the bugs out and lets the breeze in. Options include the Crash Pad Mattress that balances softness with support and the ladder, which helps you get into bed with a minimum of awkward scrambling. 

Is it tough? The no-joke explorers at GFC decided to test out the tent’s ruggedness by buying a racing truck and entering it (with tent attached) into the NORRA Mexican 1000 rally — just to make sure the Superlite could stand up to pretty much any off-road situation average campers were likely to find themselves in.  

It’s available for pre-order now with units shipping in November. The weight and easy install effectively remove any excuse a future owner may have for not heading out into the unknown on any given weekend — and we’re pretty sure that is the whole point.

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Black Friday Sales