Gillette SkinGuard Razor

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When men’s grooming brand Gillette revealed that a new razor would be hitting the market early next year, we were sure they would add another blade or two to the Fusion 5, call it the Fusion 7, and then rest on their laurels for another 6 months. After all, the main goal of any new product from a men’s grooming brand is to deliver a closer shave, right? Not exactly.

The new SkinGuard Razor — due out in early 2019 — is a move in the opposite direction, sacrificing the closest shave imaginable for less irritation. This is arguably a move into the right direction because, according to the brand, “70% of men suffer from sensitive skin when shaving.”

The SkinGuard technology used on the new razor is essentially a strip of plastic sitting between two separate blades that does three things to reduce skin irritation while shaving: It absorbs pressure from the hand to minimize pressure on the blades, it smooths the skin to protect it further from the blades, and it also raises the blades only slightly to minimize blade contact with the skin. Finally, the increased spacing between the blades reduces tug and pull on the hairs, further eliminating discomfort.

In addition to the SkinGuard technology, the new razor retains most of the comfort features you may have loved about the Fusion 5 ProShield, such as lubrication before and after the blades, along with a blades positioned on springs, and a front pivot design. If you happen to be a firefighter, police officer, or are connected to any other profession where shaving frequently is required — and a cause of skin irritation — the new SkinGuard razor by Gillette could be a game changer. – Learn More

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