GINA Smart Coffee Maker

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The beauty of simple coffee is found in the brew. Taking away the frills and fluff of complicated espresso based drinks is at the heart of a simple brew mentality.

Goatstory’s GINA coffee system provides a clever, forward thinking way to simply brew coffee in a variety of ways. A clean cup of coffee is made possible via french press, cold drip, or pour over styles… and brewing tea is an easy option too. Designed with a refined, almost steampunk style, the GINA coffee brewing system consists of a ceramic funnel, metal frame, borosilicate glass pitcher, glass cold brew filter, and a little bit of technology.

Goatstory also incorporated bluetooth technology into their brewer so that measuring, weighing, brewing, and sharing recipes is easily done with the GINA app. No need for measuring out. No need for watching the clock. No need for three different brewers for three different coffee styles. The GINA has it all in one.

Gina Smart Coffee Maker

Gina Smart Coffee System

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