GoFish Cam

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Do the fish like the new bait? Are they biting today? What’s going on under there? It’s what every fisherman wants to know, and something they previously had to judge based on twitches and pulls of the line. The GoFish Cam will tell you exactly how the fish feel about your bait and even let you watch the entire fight when you finally land a big one. 

The wireless underwater fishing camera rides between your main line and your leader line, orienting the camera towards the bait. Recording up to two hours of footage, it’ll capture all the action underwater, showing you exactly how many fish approached your bait and turned away, and just what it took to get that lucky bite. While it doesn’t feed live to your phone, it offers a wealth of info for those learning to fish, and will even grant insights to those who have been out on the water for years. 

Go Fish Cam

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