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You get a new job. You quit your current job. Someone says yes to your marriage proposal. Your first born is born. Your fourth kid graduates college. It’s a cooling summer night on the porch with a good bottle of bourbon and an even better friend. These are the moments worth celebrating. They are why cigars exist. To obtain your stogies you could head to your nearest tobacconist and hem and haw and guess your way to a selection from within the hallowed humidor, while a superior or bored salesperson looks on. Or: look into what Good Cigar Company is doing.

For thirty bucks, you get a humidity-sealed pouch containing two premium cigars, a cutter, matches, and detailed tasting notes. For those new to the cigar game, there’s even a “How to Smoke a Cigar” guide. The only decision you have to make is whether you like yours mild, classic or intense. Good Cigar Company will find an appropriate smoke from hundreds of top brands they feature like Padron, Oliva, and Alec Bradley. Some of the cigars you’ll get are rare, some limited, others, fairly widespread but all of them will be good. Good enough to celebrate the good stuff. – $30

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