GoRuck Rucker

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We find it a little hard not to gush. When something this well-made comes along, we get a little emotive. The GoRuck Rucker is basically a less spendy version of GoRuck’s phenomenal GR1 — the backpack designed to take absolutely anything you throw at it or put in it.

The savings comes from the fact that the Rucker isn’t designed to protect your breakable laptop like the GR1 does. The pockets lining the back of the pack are intended just for Ruck Plates, the weights you add to your pack to turn a simple walk around the block into strength and endurance training — also known as Rucking. Because that’s hard work, the Rucker has extra padded straps and a hydration bladder loop and port. With stress points tested to over 400 pounds, Special Forces-grade material and built-in frame sheet, the Rucker will absolutely carry what you put in it. For a very long time. – $195

GoRuck Rucker

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