GP 1945 Bolt Action Plus Pen

GP 1945 Bolt Action Plus Pen

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You’re in a sinking car. In the middle of who knows where. What do you need a pen for? To write a note? If you’d stuck this pen in your EDC, you’d break the glass, swim to the surface and whistle for help. Then, when that’s all done, you could use the satisfying bolt action mechanism to get at the pen and write all about your ordeal.

In the meantime, before emergency strikes, you get a pen that writes smooth and comes with a machined grip, notched at 10mm and one inch marks for fast comparison measuring. The survival whistle can also be used as a bird call and the bolt action of the pen will give you something to do with your hands while you wait for your next harrowing situation to arrive. – $29+

GP 1945 Bolt Action Plus Pen


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