Grayl UltraPress Titanium Water Filter Bottle

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Titanium is a real godsend for anyone looking to refine their everyday carry setup. It’s lightweight, but extremely durable. It’s naturally antimicrobial. And it’s darned handsome, to boot.

Those qualities are just a portion of what makes the Grayl UltraPress Titanium Water Filter Bottle such a uniquely cool item. Its OnePress global filtration and purification system is capable of making water anywhere on the planet ready to drink. But unlike the slow purification rate of other systems, the Grayl’s ultra simple setup requires just about 10 seconds to make drinkable water. And if that all wasn’t enough, the titanium construction of the outer cup can be heated over an open fire—making this a truly all-in-one hydration system for campers and outdoorsmen.

Price: $200

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