GreyP G6 Smart Mountain E-Bikes

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Consider the bike you’ve currently got hanging in your garage … and then, go one step beyond that, to a bike that truly takes advantage of today’s technology (both in form and function). The new bike of your dreams, in that case, might be the GreyP G6 Smart Mountain Bike, a truly remarkable bike that’s unlike anything you’ve ridden — or heck, unlike anything you’ve seen.

We’re talking constant connectivity every step of the way, thanks to a custom CIM and two cameras. This is the bike that updates and tracks every conceivable stat of your ride, even partnering with your phone to add more functionality. Plus, it’s got the traditional performance of a mountain bike,

It’s also powered with MPF’s 6.0c motor that integrates seamlessly with the frame design — all in all, it’s a wildly efficient, stylish bike that’s also more technologically connected than any bike we’ve ever seen. – Shop Now

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