Grid Studio Framed Digital Products

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Think of this as the polar opposite of a dead phone stuffed in a junk drawer. Grid Studio finds old smartphones and game consoles and gives them the same attention an entomologist gives to a Tiger Swallowtail butterfly or Scarlet Malachite beetle. Dissected, diagramed, affixed, and framed, these discarded bits of digital detritus become curiosities that border on fine art. Framed Classic Smartphones include old school iPhones, Nokias, and even a BlackBerry circa 2008, while their framed gaming devices include selections from the likes of Nintendo, Sega, and Sony.

If you have a soft spot in your heart for your first smartphone or Gameboy, and if you like to see what things look like on the inside, or if you just want something to put on your wall that will never fail to prompt a comment, grab one up (as one-of-a-kind objects, they sell out quick). We could see these hanging in an office, in a game room, or maybe one of these would feel at home hanging in the room where our current phone never fails to accompany us — the restroom.

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