GRit Augmented Reality Earphones

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GRit Augmented Reality EarphonesGoing for a walk or a jog in the park while jamming out to your newest playlist on the iPod can be relaxing and refreshing—yet dangerous at the same time. Your headphones, which block out the sounds from the rest of the world, leave you vulnerable to predators sneaking up on you or vicious dogs who may feel you’ve invaded their territory. You’ll never hear them coming unless you’re wearing the GRiT Augmented Reality Earphones by GRitworks. They keep you safe and connected to the world outside of your earphones by utilizing built-in AMBi Technology.

The GRiTworks AMBi Technology consists of two built-in microphones through which all outside ambient sound is streamed through and mixed in with the music you’re listening to via the AMBi App, allowing you to stay fully aware of what is going on around you no matter how loud you’re rocking out. The GRiT Earphones also work without an app via bluetooth technology. Check out their Kickstarter Page for more info.
GRit Augmented Reality Earphones $54+

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