Grovemade Measure Collection Set

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The old saying “Measure twice, cut once” is actually great advice when you consider the details needed to take care of your latest project. The good news is, you’ll definitely remember to do it if you invest in the Grovemade Measure Collection, a premium and super-sharp collection of everyday measuring essentials.

Like the Grovemade Black Watch or any number of handsome desk and organizational pieces from Grovemade, the Measure Collection truly is one-of-a-kind, standing apart from the pack thanks to its ingenuity and sharp, sleek design. What exactly are you getting with the multiple product options within this refined collection? On the surface: A ruler, a protractor and a measuring triangle. But digging deeper? Construction from materials like classic machined walnut wood, laminated to an aluminum base for durability and functionality.

Take your pick from distinct wood fabrication, then get ready to see just how stylishly even the most basic of projects turn out with the Grovemade Measure Collection.

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