Bespoke Post Guarida Cigar Set

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It’s the finer things in life that count — and when you have time to enjoy those finer things, we’re all for kicking back and enjoying the fruits of your labor. Be that as it may, indulging in the finer things can oftentimes be a bit expensive (if you’re not careful, it can get out of hand). What if we told you, then, that you can enjoy a  favorite cigar for a low price as sold by one of your favorite retailers? Thanks to Bespoke Post, it’s not too good to be true — in fact, it can be found in the Guarida Cigar Set, funnily enough.

As Bespoke Post says, “strike up a match and kick off your boots” — it’s time to relax with this well-composed cigar kit, featuring hand-selected Nicaraguan cigars. Other touches include a cigar cutter, well-made matches (you can spot the difference), and an ashtray from IN.SEK Design that might just be one of the coolest we’ve seen. Buying this kit is the first step in terms of enjoying your down time, and the fact that it’s so affordable is icing on the cake.

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