Guinness 200th Anniversary Export Stout

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Ireland’s black beer is turning red white and blue. 200 years ago the US had just 20 states, the typewriter hadn’t been invented yet and no American had ever taken a train ride. But we had Guinness. 1817 marked the first time barrels of Guinness made their way stateside (and they got here via sailing ship). To celebrate 2 centuries of Americans drinking the stout with the harp, they’re offering a 200th Anniversary Export Stout.

They went back through the brew logs and took a look at how Guinness was being brewed way back when and replicated it for this anniversary edition. It’s brewed from a roasted grain malt called black patent, sort of a precursor to the roasted barley malt used in today’s standard Guinness stout. It’s got a dark ruby color and notes of toffee, caramel and chocolate with a dry finish. And it no longer takes 3 months to get here. Learn more at Guinness.

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