Guinness Milk Stout

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It’s refreshing when the behemoths of brewing take a fresh, distinctly different approach to brewing beer. That’s even the case with Guinness, which continually tests out new brews via its Brewer’s Project — giving the heritage brand the chance to experiment and push the envelope … or just perfect the classics.

Guinness Milk Stout is a rich, roast-y stout, characteristic of the classic style we love from the brand — and yet with a bit more flavor, nuance and attention to detail. Guinness says the Milk Stout is a beer with a “luxuriant, full mouthfeel” and a “sweet finish.” That sounds like a beer we’d enjoy — and perhaps make up any excuse to drink.

Keep it in mind when it gets a bit chilly and rainy later this summer and into fall — the Guinness Milk Stout is exactly the type of brew you’re going to want to have around for just those occasions (and plenty more). Learn more at Guinness.

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