Hacking Whiskey

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Tired of shelling out major dough on high-end whiskey?  Why not try your hand at making cheap whiskey taste like the pricy stuff?  It’s not only doable, it’s surprisingly easy with a handy guide full of recipes, tips, and insider knowledge gathered by a self-proclaimed whiskey geek on a mission to unravel the secrets of whiskeydom and reveal them to the masses.  That geek is Aaron Goldfarb and the book is Hacking Whiskey: Smoking, Blending, Fat Washing, and Other Whiskey Experiments.
Have you ever considered infusing whiskey with marijuana smoke?  How about turning exotic whiskey bottles into lamps once they’ve been emptied?  Would you think to use an entire 750mL bottle of Jack Daniel’s to dry age a rib roast for two months?  Probably not, which is why you need this book. – Shop Now

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