Hamilton Khaki Navy BeLOWZERO Limited Edition Watch

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If you, like so many, were both thrilled and racing to keep up while marveling at the seriously cool and yet inscrutable film TENET by famed director Christopher Nolan, we’ve got just the watch for you.

Hamilton Khaki, a famed watch brand in its own right that’s been making timepieces for everyone from your grandfather to your uncle and your brother, celebrates its role in the movie with the incredible Hamilton Khaki Navy BeLOWZERO Limited Edition Watch.

It’s a nod to the film’s sleek and James Bond-esque style, delivering a futuristic all-black timepiece with the slightest of hints toward the film: A red-tipped seconds hand.

When you consider how rugged yet refined this watch looks, you’ll be glad to know that it retails for the agreeable price of just under $2,100, a price made all the better by the fact that you’re getting special-edition packaging dreamed up by TENET production designer Nathan Crowley. TENET calls for multiple viewings, and this watch demands to be worn as often as possible, we know that to be true. 

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