Handheld Oregon Trail Game

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Fellow GenXers and early stage Millennials, think back to a time when a video game character was a few stacked pixels in the general, blocky shape of a human and the sound was eight-bit beeps and tones strung together in a close approximation of music. Then remember how much you loved those games. The world knows of this nostalgia which has led to the re-release of numerous titles that were dear and close to our school-aged hearts.

The Oregon Trail Game is one such game, and is now available (only through Target) in a handheld, one-game-only version that will bring back a flood of memories for anyone who remembers playing the educational adventure game on their school’s ancient computers. You can name the members of your party as you try to guide them from Missouri to Oregon on a covered wagon, trying to avoid oxen death, snow calamities, and of course, the dreaded dysentery.

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