Hanson Single Malt Double Barrel Whiskey

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Hanson of Sonoma cut their teeth distilling vodka. But instead of potatoes, wheat, or any other grain, they used the bounty of what was all around them in Sonoma’s wine country: grapes. Now they’re ready to share another spirit, one that takes a little more patience to create than the un-aged simplicity of vodka. 

Hanson Single Malt Double Barrel Whiskey is fermented from four different barleys, and distilled in Hanson’s Sonoma-based distillery. Like many a scotch, it’s aged in ex-bourbon barrels, and like many Japanese whiskies, it’s cask-finished in ex-sherry barrels. It gets caramel and biscuit notes from the malted barley, vanilla from the bourbon barrels, and a dry sweetness from the sherry barrels. Bottled at 100 proof, all this California whiskey needs is a cube of ice to open it up. 

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