Harpoon One Hazy Summer Pale Ale

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Looking for the perfect summer beer? It’s a never-ending quest that can lead to lots and lots of necessary (and seriously fun) beer sampling — and while we enjoy that process as much as the next craft beer fan, it’s sometimes fun to have a solid go-to that you can reliably enjoy day after day, week after week. To us, that just might mean the Harpoon One Hazy Summer Pale Ale is about to become a new favorite.

With an appearance the famed Northeast brewery compares to hazy golden straw, it’s a potential welcome addition to your craft beer fridge, with an aroma that calls to mind breezy summer days — all thanks to notes of pineapple and mixed berries.

It’s a welcome change of pace from overly watery lagers, and that’s something we appreciate — the dry finish also means you can enjoy it all day long without overloading your taste buds. When all of that comes together, well, it’s clear to us that you might have just found the perfect summer beer. – Learn More

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