Harpoon Rec. League

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Harpoon goes down as the brewery that decided to made an IPA on the East Coast, back when IPA was just a quirky thing Northern Californians were doing. That was in the 90s and Harpoon IPA is still a treasured style from the Boston and Vermont-based brewhouse. But what we’re excited about this year is Harpoon’s lower alcohol (3.8%), nicely hopped session beer, Rec League.

The inclusion of sea salt echoes a gose style and there’s a bit of hop haziness in there to give Rec. League some character. Buckwheat makes its way into the malt and chia also finds a job to do which all makes for one very refreshing beer. And check out that can. It makes you want to match your bowling shoes to your tennis headband and get your ping pong on — knowing you’ll have a perfect beer to cool down with afterwards. – Learn More

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