Healey by Caton

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To this day, classic Austin-Healey cars such as the 100 and the 3000 remain some of the most timeless roadster designs of all time. Class and sophistication entwine with a sporty spirit to deliver a vintage open-air driving experience. Now, a British coachbuilder is looking to reincarnate the legendary styling in a modern package with the Healey by Caton.

This Healey is looking to reconnect drivers with the road and the car without distractions. This is roadster driving in its purest form. You will not find an infotainment system and there is not even an option for a roof. This is a gorgeous car promising an unadulterated driving experience.

Healey by Caton

Caton builds each Healey using an Austin-Healey 100 donor car. Think of it as a restomod if you’d like but the end result is a premium six-figure car. Caton increases displacement of the 2.7L four-cylinder engine up to 3.0L while upgrading various components such as the crankshaft and pistons. 

This increases the horsepower in the reimagined Healey all the way up to 185, or about 95 more horses than the original Austin-Healey 100. On top of that, torque increases up to 195 pound-feet. This is going to be a very sporty little car to drive.

Obviously you want more than three gears to work with that kind of power. So, Caton replaces the old three-speed manual transmission with a modern five-speed manual transmission. Now you can rip through five gears while enjoying the music from the side-exit exhaust outlets.

Healey by Caton

From the four wheel disc brakes to maintaining the rear-wheel-drive layout, the Healey delivers a true old school roadster experience without using any kind of electronic assistance throughout the car. It is just a whole lot more fun than the original 100. 

Since Caton is a coachbuilder, they work with you every step of the way to design and customize your Healey according to your taste. Like a fine wine aged to perfection, so is the Healey by Caton.

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