Hellwig 2019 Ford Ranger

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When Ford decided to reintroduce the Ranger back into their North American lineup in 2018, fans of the popular compact pickup truck were already waiting for its revival. However, Ford decided to modernize the Ranger in an effort to make it even more practical and customizable than previous generations had been.

For starters, the Ranger is now a mid-size pickup truck. This marks the first generation of Rangers sold in the North American market as a mid-size truck. 

Few drivers get behind the wheel of a new car or truck without an urge to modify or customize the vehicle. Making a vehicle unique to your individual preferences and personality has driven the aftermarket industry into what it has become today. Ranger owners have customized their trucks for decades, something Ford definitely took notice of throughout the years. 


As a result, Ford offers several customizable packages on the 2019 Ranger lineup. One of the most intriguing editions available is the Hellwig 2019 Ford Ranger. Designed for those who love the outdoors, this Hellwig Ranger features options suitable for a mobile campsite while offering the kind of off-road capability needed to get wherever you want to go. 

Getting to even the most remote camping locations is what the Hellwig Ford Ranger was designed to do. A 3.5 inch Icon suspension travels on 17 inch Icon Compression wheels wrapped with Falken rubber. Hellwig sway bars minimize body roll while the rear differential cover and recovery kit provides additional protection over almost any terrain you throw its way. The Ford Performance Parts cat-back exhaust upgrades performance while ensuring nature stays out of its way as they hear it coming.

For campers or hunters, the 2019 Hellwig Ford Ranger features Goal Zero solar power offering reduced carbon footprint convenience no matter where your adventure takes you. This Hellwig Ford Ranger even features a Trail Kitchens stove on a bed slide to ensure you never have to go hungry out in the wild.

When you finally need to catch some shut-eye, the Hellwig Ranger features a Tepui hard-shell tent. This tent will keep you safely sheltered above ground and away from snakes, bears, or anything else that might want to crash your dreams at night. 

Personalization options available to drivers in 2019 are only going to expand heading into the future. The Hellwig 2019 Ford Ranger offers a sneak peek into the innovative possibilities available for overlanding, off-roading, or outdoor camping enthusiasts.

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