Hemson Stealth Black Classic Pipe

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There’s something undeniably romantic about smoking a pipe. Maybe it’s the image of old-timers in tweed vests sitting on a porch, but just about every guy gets the urge to try smoking a pipe at least once in their life.

The problem? It’s actually much harder to smoke a pipe than you might imagine, with plenty of finesse necessary to get a decent smoke out of it. Unless you’re using Hemson’s cleverly designed Stealth Black Classic Pipe, that is.

A removable glazed ceramic bowl uses an easy-to-clean filter screen that simplifies the packing and smoking steps, and a removable acrylic/nylon mouthpiece gives a smooth draw. As if that wasn’t enough, this is a darned handsome pipe too—all thanks to a multi-step polishing process that gives it a smooth black finish.

Price: $90

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