HG Titanium Carabiner

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Is titanium really all that great? We think so. It’s nearly as strong as steel, but weighs so much less plus the passive oxide coating titanium develops makes it almost impervious to corrosion and rust. Handgrey has been making great use of this elemental metal for years. Starting with their single-piece Bauhaus carabiners, they’ve now moved to a line of high functioning carabiners, custom cut using EDM technology (electrical discharge machining — not house beats) and featuring a titanium alloy used in aerospace and biomechanical implants.

This handsome Handgrey HG carabiner has a closed key loop at one end and a dedicated bottle opener at the other. With the number of multi-tools, keychains and belts we’ve found that also open beer bottles, if you can’t get a beer open at this point, it’s not our fault. Prepare to have this one carry your keys for about forever. – $90