Hi-Interiors HiBed Smart Bed

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So you always wanted a race car bed but your parents never got you one. Now you’re a grown up and can have yourself any bed you want. Since a race car bed in an adult’s room is a touch creepy, here’s the new object of your bed desires. It’s called the HiBed and it’s made in Italy by Hi Interiors. The design company came out with their first smart bed in 2016, a futuristic pod-looking bed called the HiCan (as in high-tech canopy). This new bed is a more streamlined version that offers some pretty impressive IoT features without looking quite so much like travel trailer meets stasis chamber. 

As a fully-connected bed, simple functions are covered like a reading light and alarm clock in the crossbar up above. Sensors in the HiBed connect to the app to give you sleep insights and illumination in the base of the bed acts as your night light. Probably the coolest feature the HiBed delivers is the integrated projector that displays whatever you’re watching tonight on the drop down screen at the foot of the bed. They’re taking names now for HiBed pre-orders. Add yours to the list and you’ll more than make up for those years you spent sleeping on a boring old normal bed.

Hi Interiors HiBed Smart Bed

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