Hikr-X Lightweight Snowshoes

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In addition to stocking handsome shirting, durable field coats, tough chore pants and some of the best leather boots on the market, Huckberry is also now slinging the Hikr-X Lightweight Snowshoes. They’re a worthy addition to your gear haul this winter, especially if you appreciate the chance to go off-trail time and again.

The great thing, first and foremost, about lightweight snowshoes has got to be the ease of transport — and the ease of use. Consider these the 21st-century update to the snowshoes you might have worn as a kid. They’re made from thermoplastic polymer and are compatible with all normal winter hiking boots, and the Fimbulvetr Hikr-X Lightweight Snowshoes also provide substantial energy return and longevity.

The asymmetrical design also distributes your energy evenly, a touch that’ll help you stay on your feet and on your trek for even longer. Your old snowshoes can’t do that, and that’s a fact. Again, that’s great news in advance of your next winter adventure. – Shop Now

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